"[Dylan] has a really big heart. He is- I love him. I want to take care of him, I want him to be happy… [The cast]’s all like this with each other, but Dylan… I think that he’ll be a big star. Because he is beautiful, a good actor, smart, and has a good heart. I think he deserves a lot of things.”


wow the maze runner was such a good movie

“And like that’s not cool enough, it’s official: THE SCORCH TRIALS movie is coming September 18, 2015. Doesn’t this look sweet: #ScorchTrials”

James Dashner’s twitter

Gally-Keeper of the Builders 

New Character stills

Minho- Keeper of the Runners

Hey Gladers! I am on camp for 3 days, I am leaving in a couple of hours, there won’t be any WIFI sorry D: I will be back in 3 days :) There are queued posts while I am away! 

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Mother Teresa

Thomas Edison 

TV Series or TV Movies?

Blake Cooper and Jacob Latimore conduct a question and answer session after a screening of THE MAZE RUNNER at Regal Atlantic Station on September 19, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia

This picture of The Maze Runner cast on set reminds me of a big family photo!