"Great. We're all bloody inspired."
Welcome to my blog :)
and the family of maze runner fans!
This blog is dedicated to the amazing Maze Runner trilogy and all do do with it! Here you will find news, interviews of the cast, gifs, edits, fanart, stills and everything The Maze Runner trilogy related :)
I use Glader slang. You have been warned shank.

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Surprise! More maze runner posters

Maze Runner poster

7. Hours. Till. The Maze Runner. Trailer 


The Maze Runner posters

Dylan O’Brien accepting Breakthrough Actor at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards

Hey Gladers I am currently making some gifs from NERD HQ’S panel with the Maze Runner cast and crew :) 

I will be posting them very soon! I am making a set of Dylan and kaya!


Worked on a Teaser Poster today. It’s more like a minimalist poster, but the “symbol” is what I had in mind for a WICKED logo :) I hope you like it, guys!


The answers come at a price. Don’t miss the new Maze Runner trailer in two days!


I want to see how many people out there use the glader slang. I have a lot of times. For instance, I said shuck it in a conversation- those people just gave me the weirdest look.

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